Adnexal Mass Risk Prediction Models


We invite healthcare professionals to use diagnostic tools for a preoperative adnexal mass diagnosis.

It is essential to perform possibly the most accurate diagnosis in order to refer the patient to the adequate centers for surgery. The most important is to filter patients with suspected ovarian malignancy and offer them a treatment in an oncology centers.

There are few indices that were created originally by different authors, published in core clinical journals and used here, on this web page, with authors' permission. The reference is provided by each of the indices. The web page and presented calculators should be considered as an additional diagnostic tool, and cannot replace a comprehensive clinical examination.

If you were interested in more details about indices for ovarian tumor evaluation, please read the review article: "Usefulness of Diagnostic Indices Comprising Clinical, Sonographic, and Biomarker Data for Discriminating Benign From Malignant Ovarian Masses". Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 2015 34:207-217; doi:10.7863/ultra.34.2.207.

Maciej Stukan, MD, PhD